Building scalable
and long-lasting businesses

Aster is truly committed to getting involved and laying the foundations for sustainable growth. They have helped us to evolve and change our business model by bringing a more structured approach.

What the Aster experience offers

We are a tight-knit team devoted to using our recognized industry expertise to help visionary founders succeed and spur transformation forward.


We provide you with all the necessary capital – from €500k to €5M – to launch and scale your startup as well as continuing to reinvest in each subsequent round until your exit.


With our strong corporate network and connections in San Francisco, Paris, London, Tel Aviv and Nairobi, our teams will expand your network with our own. From founder-to-founder and function-specific introductions to corporate and partnership opportunities, our corporate, investor and support teams will make the connections to support your growth.


Benefit from access to one-to-one office hours and specific workshops with mentors and industry experts to lay the groundwork for sustainable growth.

Hands-on support

We’ll put Aster’s support team at your disposal – upon request. The team is here to lend a helping hand in B2B sales, marketing, recruiting and culture building. Whatever challenge, we’ll help you tackle it.

Topics we provide mentorship on

  • B2B sales

    Methodology is the backbone of successful sales organizations. Through B2B sales mentoring, we equip your sales team with a practical, replicable and scalable framework, to help them land big contracts.

  • Marketing

    Whether you run a B2B or a B2C startup, we can help you reach a perfect product-market fit and amplify your voice. Combining proposition value and segmentation workshops, we support early-stage companies through launch and beyond.

  • Culture

    Unwritten cultural rules are what influence the hundreds of decisions that team members make on their own every single day. Consequently, creating and nurturing a positive company culture is a company’s biggest asset. We support our founders in building a strong, engaging and scalable culture.

  • Talent

    Our advisors teach you the science of recruiting to help you find, hire and retain top talent through engaging content, head hunting tips and the embodiment of a strong company culture.

This is the EkWateur squad, the leading renewable energy supplier based in France (exited in 2022) >>>


We expand our reach from Aster HQ in Paris.
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We’re an ecosystem VC that brings together startups, corporates and industry experts to everyone’s benefit.
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