A caring approach to business

Passion: we are devoted to our founders. We strive to give them all the mentorship, training and support they need, every step of the way.

Expertise: we put a strong focus on developing our industrial expertise which is why we support the founders whose decisions are backed by solid reasoning.

Humility: our founders are extremely valuable which is why we listen to everything they have to say, recognize the challenges they face and take on board all the feedback they give us.

Aster is not a traditional VC. We’re an ecosystem VC.

Over the course of 20 years, we have been bringing together startups, corporates
and industry experts to everyone’s benefit.

  • Investor teamScouting for the best startups

    They source the best startups in our core areas of focus: energy, mobility and industry 4.0. With offices in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, London, Paris and Nairobi, our team will expand your network with our own.

  • Corporate teamFostering corporate-startup collaboration

    They help established companies turn disruptive threats into innovation opportunities by fostering corporate-startup collaboration. With close ties to the corporate ecosystem, our team can introduce you to – and facilitate your collaboration with – leading corporates. This team is made up of employees seconded from Alstom and Plastic Omnium (our investors), as well as our Aster Fab consulting team.

  • Support teamHelping our startups scale

    They provide our startups with the mentorship and hands-on support they need to drive results and business growth. With strong connections with mentors, advisors and industry experts, our team can connect you with the best to scale even faster. Learn more about our support and the Aster experience here.

Our investment scope

Having worked closely with our corporate sponsors for over 20 years, Aster is focused on industrial transformation.

Key areas of focus:
> Industry 4.0
> Mobility
> Energy

> Europe
> North America
> Africa
> Israel

Seed to Series B

A strong commitment to ethics

We are immensely proud to be part of the below initiatives.


We spread our time between Aster HQ Paris and San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv and Nairobi.
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We are committed to providing tailored support at every critical point of your startup life.
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