1. Target the right companies — it’s NOT a numbers game

1. There must be an identified use case

2. The timing must be right

3. There must be an existing budget

2. Dissect the corporate black box: map out the organization, decode and understand your stakeholders’ interest

Source: Aster Capital

3. Once you have a foot inside the corporate door, focus on delivering a strong value proposition

1. Be clear and specific

2. Talk about results, not aspects

3. Demonstrate customer-specific value

But it is essential to remember that you are not a PoC company. Your endgame is to sell valuable, scalable and reputable products to your customers, and you are subject to financial and time constraints in this process.

1. Before signing the terms, check your potential client’s interest in a post-PoC relationship

2. During the PoC show that the pre-established KPIs are being met

3. At the end of the PoC provide the company with a brief summary that highlights the benefits of the PoC — quantitative and qualitative — and help the customer plan a large-scale deployment

But by carefully pre-selecting the customers that fit closely with your product/VP, mapping their formal & informal decision processes/criteria, and helping your customer in the post-PoC relationship, you might improve your chances to sell your solution at scale.

May the force be with you!