Let’s face it, times are tough. We are in the midst of a major health crisis that, depending on its outcome, could lead to the biggest economic crisis in our recent history.

In this fight against Covid-19, we all have a role to play. In our article on our advice to the startups wanting to define the Next Normal, we advise the startups that can to transition parts of their business to support the war economy.

At Aster, we are delighted to see that our founders are showing such a sense of solidarity. In this article, we have chosen to shed light on 4 initiatives carried out by our Aster family.

1. Karos — Donated 100,000 carpool rides

Karos has donated 100,000 comfortable carpool rides completely free of charge to the devoted people working in hospitals in Paris, to make their lives a little easier. This credit block hasn’t expired yet, so if you happen to know someone working in a hospital in Paris, feel free to let them know!

Karos offers short distance car sharing solutions for daily commutes from home to office.

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2. Opendatasoft — Building Covid-19 dashboards for local communities, free of charge

Opendatasoft has decided to help local communities share their Covid-19 data, free of charge, to keep residents informed and to help data scientists fine-tune their predictive models.

A few inspiring examples:

Opendatasoft is the data sharing platform teams use to access, reuse and share data to grow their businesses.

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3. Hadean — Creating massive scale simulations of Covid-19 with the Francis Crick Institute

Hadean has partnered with The Francis Crick Institute to accelerate the development of a single and massive scale simulation of how Covid-19 spreads. Predictive models are essential to lift lockdowns restrictions in a controlled manner.

Hadean is building the foundations of scalable distributed computing.

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4. Atlantium UV — Carried out scientific research on the effectiveness of its UV tech to disinfect Covid-19 in water

Atlantium has carried out scientific research to review the effectiveness of its medium pressure Hydro-Optic™ (HOD) UV technology — validated to a 4-log virus inactivation per the U.S. EPA guidelines with adenovirus — to mitigate SARS-CoV-2 in water.

Atlantium offers an innovative water treatment solution that uses ultraviolet (UV) light.

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