An example of a product by the Atlantium Technologies company, which aims to provide industry and municipalities with safe and sustainable water treatment solutions. The company has designed an innovative solution based on UV (ultra violet) disinfection, fiber-optics and hydraulics. It takes water safety to levels never before achieved with other UV systems or without chemicals. Aster first invested in 2013.

Disruptions will be in technologies AND in the business models

The missing link is still finance

Despite some inevitable failures, water remains attractive for business, and a sector that requires greater attention. Tremendous challenges are still ahead of us. Was it not the World Economic Forum in Davos which concluded that: “Water crises […] the greatest risk facing the global economy, outweighing the spread of infectious diseases, interstate conflict, energy price shocks and fiscal crises”? Hence, the challenges are not only about meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, water is also a significant and substantial issue for the industry, the utilities, and we can add the cities, the consumers, etc.