Lucibel partners for LiFi development

Schneider Electric and Lucibel partner up with the creation of SLMS

About the Company

Lucibel is a French company that develops, manufactures and sells lighting solutions and services based on the LED technology. These solutions are innovation-centered and take advantage of the major potential of the LED technology, notably for smart lighting applications and new uses such as indoor localization (with VLC – Visible Light Communication) and internet access through light (LiFi – Light Fidelity). Visit their website

Since 2012, Aster has invested €5.5m in Lucibel to accelerate its market penetration and open partnership opportunities with its industrial sponsors.


About Business Partnership

In March 2015 Lucibel and Schneider Electric announced the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding for the creation of a joint-venture company: SLMS (Schneider Lucibel Managed Services). Putting together the reactivity of an innovative SME with a major international group, this joint venture has the ambition to develop and propose original and high value solutions for retail industry clients. It now puts together digital innovations, high end LED lighting and sensors/controllers in close collaboration with French actors of the IT and industrial segments.

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