Hadean wants to turn the cloud into a single giant supercomputer.

Hadean is redesigning the technology stack from first principles for the cloud to enable developers to scale their code for applications that require vast computing power.

HadeanOS enables programmers to scale their code, as it treats entire cloud data centres as a single gigantic computer. Its goal is to ultimately rid companies of the need for DevOps, which it claims is already a huge function among tech teams today.

Technology companies today are hampered by their ability to scale their platforms to meet demand and exploit data. Our technology, which was derived from first principles, eliminates the significant manpower and time wasted on engineering and DevOps. I am excited to have an investor of the calibre of Draper Esprit on board, with its proven track record in deep-tech investment, leading this round.
Co-founder and CEO, Hadean

From games to life

One application for Hadean’s cloud simulation engine is massive multiplayer online games. CCP Games, the creator of the hugely influential Eve Onlineannounced yesterday (6 March) that it is working with Hadean to break the record number of players in one battle at a time.

Meanwhile, the Francis Crick Institute is using Hadean’s platform to build complex models of protein-protein interactions to help research diseases such as cancer.