Finalcad accelerates digital transformation of construction sites

Eiffage selected Finalcad as a strategic partner to accelerate digital transformation of its construction sites

About the Company

Finalcad is a global leader in field mobile apps and predictive analytics for construction, infrastructure, energy and concessions. It helps contractors, developers, architects and field operators with quality control, defect management and progress monitoring, during construction and facility management. Since 2011, Finalcad has delivered more than 15,000 projects in 35 countries. Visit their website

Finalcad has secured over $22 million in funding from different investors including Aster.


About Business Partnership

In June 2017 Eiffage, one of Europe’s leading construction and concessions companies, announced it has selected Finalcad as a strategic partner to accelerate the digital transformation of the construction sites of the Group, in an open innovation approach.

The initial objective of Eiffage was to digitize two thirds of Eiffage Construction projects with Finalcad by 2018. This objective has already been reached as of the end of the first half of 2017, demonstrating a very strong adoption by the field, beyond expectations.

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In November 2018, this successful cooperation allowed Finalcad and Eiffage to be finalists of the prestigious David and Goliath prize, which rewards the best alliances between startups and large companies.