Cosmo Tech improves rail system efficiency

About the Company

Cosmo Tech is a global technology company with a unique approach to complex modeling and simulation that accelerates the transformation of the world’s most critical industries. Cosmo Tech Applications go beyond big data, simulating real, uncharted scenarios and providing interconnected insight to help CEOs plan for today and tomorrow. Global leaders such as RTE, Alstom, GE, Total, EDF, Veolia, SNCF and Sanofi Pasteur already rely on Cosmo Tech to give their C-level executives the information they need to make optimal business decisions in the complex fields of energy, transportation, urban systems and life sciences. Visit their website

In March 2014, Aster led a $5M Series A investment in Cosmo Tech.


About Business Partnership

In February 2017, Cosmo Tech and Alstom announced a strategic partnership to develop a new application to improve the global efficiency of a rail system. This application is expected to set the global standard for energy efficiency, and operations optimization. It will allow operators to consider the entirety of their rail operations which has never been done before, as every part of a system is usually assessed separately.  It will allow Alstom to design more efficient transport networks and to meet higher performance and service quality standards.

The application will be based on Cosmo Tech’s software platform. The combination of Alstom’s expertise in rail operations and technologies and Cosmo Tech’s experience in asset investment optimization and decision management will enable the application to deliver significant value for rail system owners and infrastructure managers worldwide.

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