At Aster, we believe in Entrepreneurs and their commitment to success.

After the industrial age and the internet age, we are now entering a deeply decentralized, fast and innovative entrepreneurial age which will drive tremendous evolutions and opportunities in most of the industries. In a moment in time where a dream can become a reality within a fraction of time of what it required only a decade ago, successes are still not easily reachable and require a blend of specific ingredients that fundamentally matter. Every day, cohorts of startups are shaping new offers and pioneering new paths to disrupted markets. But only a few will be the winners of the race, only a few will succeed and overcome all the barriers and hurdles to reach the Unicorn golden globe of entrepreneurs: being recognized as a large company!

At Aster, we believe in the power of  “leverage to scale”.

VC funding is too often considered as a “must have” to success whereas it is only a dope to keep startups alive until they reach milestones of maturity and profitability. Unleashing scalability is THE real MUST. Whatever industry, whatever offer, the golden globe of any startup is down the road of terrific execution of business model promoting brilliant offers.

At Aster, we believe in the value of our “Business HUB” at the service of Entrepreneurs.

We position ourselves as a Business HUB leveraging Aster’s strengths – international, strong links with LPs and sector expertise – to help entrepreneurs scale. Aster is not only a VC, it is a Business HUB for entrepreneurs dedicated to promote awesome offers, facilitate markets reach and support scalability. Aster is dedicated to help a large audience of entrepreneurs without limitation but our capacity to provide a leverage to scale. Our Business HUB dedicated team will be thrilled to open doors and new markets for you, facilitate new partnerships and enable technical collaboration within Aster network and especially with Aster Corporate LPs. We also intend to leverage our database of startups offering great services to other startups (in HR, operations, export etc.) to create commercial opportunities in between offering and demanding players of the ecosystem that may not know each other.